Ok - what's this simple-looking-page all about?

Well, what we are trying to do here is to somehow bring together in one place all efforts to have the Matrox Marvel's work under linux, for tv viewing, capture, tv/out, and video/in.

mgavideo Specifics
Latest Version: (Jan 16) mgavideo 0.0.8

You can have mgavideo work (in preview mode via preview_on) on a framebuffer console by setting the colorkey to 0 (tested on a 1024*768*32bpp matroxfb)

mgavideo 0.0.4+ will give you video, provided that you:
a) Run Xwindows at 1024*768 , 16bpp. Other depths might work adding '-b' to xcaptest. It should be needed only for 32bpp, not 24bpp. Other resolutions might not work, yet. Furthermore, only XFree86 SVGA has been tested. Any reports from the FB server welcome.
b) If you have problems (mostly "unresolved symbols" loading modules, starting with mgavideo.o) , add to the CFLAGS in the Makefile the following: "-DMODVERSIONS -include /usr/src/linux/include/linux/modversions.h"
- most Redhat/Mandrake distros will need this.
c) If you don't have /dev/video* and /dev/i2c* you need to type './MAKEDEV video' and './MAKEDEV i2c' in /dev as root. (although /dev/i2c isnt needed)

The current drivers display video coming in from the video-in connectors and fom the TV-Tuner. No audio yet. Although that should be easy to add. Release 0.0.4 does not use the backend scaler, and so video is displayed as fast as your software can copy the images to the screen. Gerard Horst managed to get the backend scaler working, and his code is to be added. (Privately, it's working and runs perfect.)

Want to get TVOut working quickly? Please run this tool (for Win95/98) (read the readme's!) and report to us!

Straight from Ryan:
If you see green bands of corruption on the bottom of your desktop this is definitely because you are running in a resolution higher than 1024x768x16bpp. Getting this driver to work with all resolutions is currently #1 priority for me. Anyone who wants to get that corruption off the screen, try messing with the values _VINADDR0, _VBIADDR0, _VINADDR1, and _VBIADDR1 in mgavideo.c. Add about 0x100000 to each of the values. These will have to be configured on the fly eventually, depending on what resolution you are running.

The select() timeout problem which makes you unload and reload the driver is another priority 1 for me. I'm still trying to isolate which module is not initializing properly.

Sep 1: mgavideo work will slow down a little; I've received news that are promising, but at the same time not so good. I can't really go into the details, but the situation seems to be that work continues on Matrox Marvel support, but at the present times it's behind the scenes...